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Float Separation Washing Tank

Float Separation Washing Tank

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Separation Washing Tank

A sink / float separation tank uses water as a medium to separate materials via densities. This large tank is filled with water which has a density of 1 g/cm3. Depending on the application, additives can be added to slightly augment water’s density. Material that goes into this water tank with density greater than 1 g/cm3 will sink to the bottom while materials with with density less than 1 g/cm3 will float.


The use of a sink / float separation tank is especially useful in the recycling PP/PE films and PET bottles. In the case of PP/PE films, PP/PE films have a density of around .93 g/cm3 which makes it float while various contaminants such as dirt, rocks, metals, and glass will sink to the bottom where it is collected to removed via a conveyor system.


Similarly, for PET bottle recycling, PET flakes have a density over 1 g/cm3 making it sink to the bottom while bottle caps and labels (not made from PET plastic), will float to the top.


As the material enters the separation tank, our specially designed rotating drums move the material forward and into the water. Ideally, we want the material to soak in the water for longer periods of time. This not only allows for more cleaning of the material, it will also ensure enough time is given all sinking materials to move to the bottom of the tank. Hence, we offer a standard 4 meter separation tank with the option of extending it to 6 meters.


To ensure the durability of BOGDA’s water separation tank, the tank’s interior as well as the rotating drums on top are made with type 304 stainless steel that is strongly resistant to both oxidation (rust) and corrosion.



Interior Width: 1500mm – 2000mm
Total Length: 4 – 6 meters
Interior Material: Type 304 Stainless Steel
Exterior Frame: Carbon Steel
Screw Conveyor Motors: 5.5KW + 3.7KW
Rotating Drum Motors: .37KW + 2.2KW

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